T6 2000LM 3 modos Golden Cudgel Linterna LED con zoom 18650


rntrnttPackage Include:
rn1XLED Flashlight (Does not include battery and charger)
rn-The life of Product can last 10,00000 hours;
rn-The Shell material is aluminum alloy and high hardness rubber;
rn-The driving is Intelligent digital circuit control, linear output, nominal operating current: 1000mA, nominal operating voltage 3.7V;
rn- Lack of timely replenishment, so as not to affect the battery life, the battery should be stored for a long time during the battery charge.
rn-Flashlight with life waterproof ability, the general rain will not be a problem, but do not have diving function, do not carry this flashlight dive or long time on the basin, bathtub.
rn- External light treatment: military regulations three hardening treatment, wear, corrosion, use, feel good, anti-skid in place, full waterproof design, O-type sealed waterproof ring, so that the product better waterproof, heavy rain in normal use ;
rn-Flashlight should be avoided in the sun or high temperature environment placed, stop using the battery after the battery is fully charged and stored in a cool dry place.
rn-Long time do not use the battery, the battery…

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T6 2000LM 3 modos Golden Cudgel Linterna LED con zoom 18650



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