SZC26-NC-AL-CH Autoalimentación Interruptor de detección de corriente


new and high quality.

High precision, more stable and long service life

It is an perfect choice for automated industrial equipment and store monitoring.

This AC current sensing switch is designed and manufactured to solve the AC current monitoring. It uses the principle of mutual inductance to sense the AC current through the AC, isolate the AC current, and output a normally closed switching signal to di

Widely used in substation, frequency conversion speed control device, inverter device, electrolytic plating, electric locomotive, street lamp monitoring, coal mine and other automation industries requiring current monitoring


Condition: New

Model: SZC26-NC-AL-CH

External Supply: No Need, Product Self-Inductive Supply

Switch Type: Normally Closed

Input Through Current: AC 1-100A

Threshold Point Range: 1-100A AC Adjustable

Switch Rated Load: AC/DC 0.3Aat240VAC

Maximum Leakage Current: Less than 0.1A

Response Time: Less than 200ms

Hole Diameter: dia. 20mm

NC Normally Closed Type

Indicator Light Status:

Red and green light off less than Setting Value

Close red light on more…

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SZC26-NC-AL-CH Autoalimentación Interruptor de detección de corriente



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