Humidificador Deerma – F628 Humidificador silencioso


F628 uses high-frequency ultrasonic vibration to quickly atomize water into water molecules. 
The turbofan forms an internal air duct, sending water molecules with a fog volume of 350 milliliters per hour. 350 mL/h of heavy fog directly into the indoor air, with moisturizing spring water as the design concept, the top of the humidifier is concentrated on the fog outlet, and the environment presents a fluctuating visual effect, such as providing hydration energy at home.The wide and flat mist outlet can make a bunch of water mist high up without wetting the table. The curved design can quickly spread the mist from the water outwards, bringing you a moisturizing experience.The turbine air supply device is matched with the direct mist output, and the mist is sent out evenly and long-distance. It is suitable for a space of 25m-30m, and meets the humidification needs of ordinary living rooms and bedrooms.There are about 20 bottles of 250ml mineral water with a large capacity of 5 liters. Adding water may take up to 12 hours to hydrate. Add water before going to bed. No need to get up late at night to add water.Improve the air duct structure, perfect the noise reduction design,…

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Humidificador Deerma – F628 Humidificador silencioso



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